Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dress Options To Compliment My Tights

It's officially been winter in Calgary since October and although I've suffered through many bitter days already, I DO plan to wear dresses this season. I am more determined this year than ever.

So, I started with the purchase of tights as I had none! ( yes, I know -  unbelievable).

Now I own tights in blue, purple, red, black and brown! And trust me I'm adding more to my collection including mustard, orange and ones with crazy patterns. Speaking of tights, I think I'll do a blog post about just that sometime next week

With tights covered,  I took a look at the dresses that I own and  I'm not "wowed".  So I decided to surf the net for some options.  In the midst of my search,  I received an email about a site called Very - .   They carry a versatile collection of dresses  -  above the knees, maxi, casual, party, etc.

I'm primarily looking for dresses that start off on the casual side but can be dressed up for a night on the town  with a few simple tips.

- Add chunky accessories (like unique broaches, a string of pearls, diamonds)
- Go bold with your make-up with red lips or dark lids
- Move from flats to heels or wedges
- Replace dark coloured tights with patterned ones
- Replace your large purse with a clutch

I used this link’s collection of black dresses to start my search and I took the time to look at all 349 dresses.  However, since I live in Canada, I'm unable to purchase any of the dresses that I'm about to showcase:(

But if I did, (cause there's nothing wrong with dreaming), I'd purchase these......

Ultimate FAVE - 29 Pounds

If You've Got the Body For This  = Love  29 Pounds

HOTT - 27 Pounds


Staple Piece - 59 Pounds’s collection of black dresses

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